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Dear Mom!

Conversations and letters between mother and daughter about gender equality

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Feminism is not a bad word

Dear Mom,
I am writing to you from the XXI century, the one in which we all placed our hopes and thought that it would be much better and more just in many ways.

About Me

Hi, I’m Biljana, feminist and enthusiast, hoping that a gender equal world will become soon our reality.

Blogger, travel and language lover, I am a Serbian based in Montpellier, France.

Businesswoman behind a franchise

Martha Matilda Harper was a great businesswoman whose business model is used even today. Martha fiercely believed in herself despite, not only her poverty, but also all the obstacles along the way. In the moment when there were only 17% of women working in the USA, she dared to wish not only to work, but also to become a model for so many other women.

Find out what great ideas Martha had and in which way she empowered so many women in the following video!