Martha Matilda Harper

Martha Matilda Harper is, not only one of the very first businesswomen, but also the greatest exemple of how women can be empowered mutually. Her business idea allowed us, women to be able to take care of our hair publicly. This video will reveal you a story behind the first hairdresser’s salon in the USAContinue reading “Martha Matilda Harper”

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When did feminism start

Dear Mom, As I promised in the previous letter, I will continue to send you everything I learn about feminism. In your response, I felt you hesitant, not sure if you approve of my choices and why I am embarking on this journey. ‘’It is easier to stay where you are, it’s safer’’, I know thatContinue reading “When did feminism start”

feminism definition

Why we need feminism

Dear Mom,
I am writing to you from the XXI century, the one in which we all placed our hopes and thought that it would be much better and more just in many ways.


Hi, I’m Biljana, feminist and enthusiast, hoping that a gender equal world will become soon our reality. 

Blogger, travel and language lover, I am a Serbian based in Montpellier, France.

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Have you ever heard of Martha Matilda Harper?Find out what great ideas Martha had and in which ways she empowered many women in the latest video!

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