Biljana Zlatanovic

Biljana Zlatanovic

Content creator, blogger, language lover, feminist

I am Biljana and I am best defined by numerous life experiences obtained by living in different countries. I got to know, not only other cultures, customs, ways of thinking, languages, but also myself. Traveling brings us the opportunity to choose who we want to be on this journey, so called life.

Because here is the thing. We are born into certain culture, way of living, religion, race, etc, that are in advance decided for us. But the main question is: What if we can live differently? What if we can peel of those layers and get to the core of our being?

Some would probably say that what defines me best is my ability to speak 5 different languages and not get confused. Or a headache. I guess that is my biggest talent.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy the ride!

Get in touch: klitmitblog@gmail.com

What I Do
  • Content creator
  • Community manager
  • Copy writer
  • Writer
  • Teacher
  • Translator
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